Enola Holmes (2020)

Meet Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, Enola. She shares many of his famous traits – sharp intelligence, keen eye, high opinion of self – but because she is a woman, she is not allowed to exercise her talents. 19th century society can only see her as a future wife and mother, and Mycroft Holmes, the stuffy older brother, agrees. He sends her to a conservative boarding school, but she soon escapes and sets out to find their iconoclastic mother. Continue reading Enola Holmes (2020)

Greyhound (2020)

In the first half of WWII, a fierce battle raged in the Atlantic. The German Navy, with a large fleet of U-Boats, attempted to blockade the United Kingdom, and prevent supplies (and later troops) from arriving from America. Running this gauntlet was a very dangerous business. In the middle of the ocean, out of reach of air cover, a handful of destroyers had to defend merchant convoys from the wolves, circling below. Continue reading Greyhound (2020)

All That Jazz (1979)

Joe Gideon is a film and theatre director at the peak of his field. With a string of hit productions behind him, and acclaimed on all sides, he ambitiously takes on two new projects simultaneously; finishing a feature film about an acerbic comic, and starting an edgily erotic new stage musical. Meanwhile: his private life is in chaos, with two ex-wives, a mistress, a doting young daughter, and a lot of one night stands. Continue reading All That Jazz (1979)

Heavenly Creatures (1994)

I started getting into movies in my early teens. I lived in a small town, Busselton, in WA, and it was the 90s; a much harder time than now to pursue an interest. Before the internet, getting information was difficult. To find out about films I only had one daily newspaper, reviews on TV, and the tiny section of film books at the local library. Someone also gifted me ‘Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide’ for my birthday one year. But it was enough to get started. Continue reading Heavenly Creatures (1994)

An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn (2018)

In middle America, a coffee shop owner with anger management issues fires his wife, Lulu, right as an old flame of hers comes to town. This is Beverly Luff Linn (two words), an… artist, possibly, who can only communicate via grunts, and who is going to perform…. something, for one magical night only. Aiding Lulu, sortof, is Colin, an earnest misfit who should’ve been named ‘Keith’, and who has never fully recovered. Continue reading An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn (2018)

La Pointe-Courte (1955)

In a small Mediterranean fishing village, the locals go about their daily business. There are shellfish to be caught, authorities to dodge, and a million day-to-day tasks to be completed. Against this backdrop, an unhappy young woman comes to visit her husband. He is a local who has returned after time away, she is from Paris, the locals regard them both as outsiders. The couple are having marital problems which they hash out via some lengthy, metaphysical conversations. Continue reading La Pointe-Courte (1955)