Birds of Prey (2020)

Rates: * * *

Why Did I Watch It?: New release that everyone was talking about.

Cast, credits, etc

‘It’s my story and I’ll start anywhere I fucking want.’

Harley Quinn breaks up with Joker, and gets involved in an adventure of her own making; tangling with Black Mask (Ewan McGregor), and all the people she has wronged over the years, while defending a young kid and making some new gal pals.

Light and colourful, this energetic two hour DC romp is a lot more fun than expected. Margot Robbie is ace in the lead – she is a level up even, on what she has done with this character before – and she brings enough megawatt charisma to keep the thing afloat. The wider cast look like they are having a blast too; there’s good chemistry between the rest of the girl power team, and McGregor is overboard in the best way as an enigmatic villain. It is also a merciful relief that Jared Leto is nowhere too be seen.

On the down side: the set pieces and fight scenes are very bland, and the slight story (everyone chasing after a special diamond? Jeee-sus) kinda sucks. I mean, you really do not care about this at all. It would probably be impossible for them (the film makers) to make us (the audience) care about some diamond with codes imprinted in it, and I felt like they knew this and didn’t bother. But a lot of the rest of it works pretty well.

Favourite costumes:

Harley’s embroidered royal blue jacket in the final scene

All of Ewan’s pastel toned suits.

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