Hanna (2011)

Hanna has been raised in a Siberian forest, in a remote cabin without electricity or running water. Her father, her only companion, has trained he to be a survivor; she has combat skills, survival skills, and can speak 17 (at least) languages. This unusual set up and preparation is in aid of one thing: Hanna’s father wants revenge on the ruthless CIA agent that years beforehand killed Hanna’s mother. And he is not leary about using his daughter to get the job done. Continue reading Hanna (2011)

The Old Guard (2020)

A group of people become immortal for no reason. They can sense each other, and some of them connect, become friends. As the centuries pass, they outlive their loved ones, and watch everything they care about fade into history. They also develop their combat skills. In the modern era they live as elite mercenaries for hire, righting wrongs and inadvertablty becoming the target of big pharma. Continue reading The Old Guard (2020)

Mission: Impossible (1996)

The Impossible Mission Force is like the ultra CIA; they get the jobs that are too tough for the regular spooks, and have the very best operatives and tech. But while on assignment in Prague, a crack IMF team is rumbled and agents assassinated. Now it is up to Ethan Hunt to sift through the debris, work out what went wrong, and generally save the day. And, not for the last time, all this while he is: DISAVOWED. Continue reading Mission: Impossible (1996)