Happy as Lazzaro (2018)

On a tobacco plantation in rural Italy, a ramshackle community live a timeless existance. Sharecroppers, essentially endentured servants, they are kept under an economic jackboot by the plantation’s cold-blooded owner. When the authorities find out about their illegal treatment, this group of innocents are forced out into the wider world, an environment they are not at all equipped to handle. Continue reading Happy as Lazzaro (2018)

Taste of Cherry (1997)

Driving around the outskirts of Tehran in his Range Rover, Mr Badii is looking for help. He asks the everyday people he encounters – a soldier, a student, a security guard – if they will do a job for him. Most assume he means something sexual, or at least nefarious, and decline. But Mr Badii has a different and much more unusual task in mind: he is weighing suicide, and looking for someone to assist him in leaving this world. Continue reading Taste of Cherry (1997)