I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

A young woman is on her way to visit her boyfriend’s parents for the first time. The parents live on a farm, the journey from the city is long, and the day wintry. It is snowing heavily. She says she is worried about getting caught by the weather and not being able to get home later, but this is only part of the picture. She is thinking about breaking off the relationship, her troubled thoughts colouring her behaviour. Continue reading I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

A troubled young woman, Amy, moves into a new house. She puts on Mozart’s ‘Requiem’, drinks a lot of wine, stands in her garden revving her leaf blower. Her friend comes over: concerned. Amy tells her calmly that she is going to die tomorrow. Is she having a nervous breakdown? Her friend thinks so. But later, the same feeling of fatalistic dread comes suddenly to her as well, and seems to be spreading… Continue reading She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

Black Bear (2020)

An aspiring film maker takes a vacation at a remote lake house. She is working on a script for a new film, and wants some time out to develop her ideas. The only other occupants are a young couple – the house belongs to a wealthy relative of theirs – who are going through a rough patch; he is a frustrated wannabe musician, she is pregnant, and not certain this wasn’t a terrible mistake. And then: there’s a rustling in the woods…. Continue reading Black Bear (2020)

Happy as Lazzaro (2018)

On a tobacco plantation in rural Italy, a ramshackle community live a timeless existance. Sharecroppers, essentially endentured servants, they are kept under an economic jackboot by the plantation’s cold-blooded owner. When the authorities find out about their illegal treatment, this group of innocents are forced out into the wider world, an environment they are not at all equipped to handle. Continue reading Happy as Lazzaro (2018)