Synecdoche, New York (2008)

Caden Cotard is an unhappy NYC playwright, whose wife leaves him right before he wins the Macarthur Fellowship; the famed ‘genius grant’ that provides creative types with financial security to pursue ambitious projects. Channeling his angst over his divorce, and all of his many additional problems, Cotard devises the largest theatrical experience in history; recreating his world in miniature, casting actors to play everyone he has ever met, reliving every experience of his life. Continue reading Synecdoche, New York (2008)

Saint Frances (2019)

34 year old Bridget struggles with nearly everything. She has a dead end job in the service industry, a half hearted sexual partnership with another amiable slacker, and dislocated relationships with her parents and friends. Everyone seems to be getting on with their lives, while she is stuck in a rut. Almost by accident she lands a job as a nanny to a privelaged six year old, which will give her a very small nudge forward. Continue reading Saint Frances (2019)

Dark Waters (2019)

Something sinister is happening in small town West Virginia. Animals are dying; their bodies covered in tumors, their internal organs swollen, their teeth black. Then people start getting sick too; cancer and other undiagnosable illnesses. Du Pont, the chemical giant that is the region’s largest employer, shrugs its shoulders. These strange occurrences definitely have nothing to do with the toxic waste dump they maintain. Continue reading Dark Waters (2019)

Shirley (2020)

On a stuffy university campus in 1950s America, Shirley Jackson stands out. The ‘New Yorker’ has just published a story of hers that has caused a minor sensation, and she has become something of a fringe celebrity. She is also an alcoholic, an agoraphobe and a misanthrope. An original, in other words; one who faces an ongoing battle to translate her unusual mindscape into creative expression. Continue reading Shirley (2020)

Black Swan (2010)

Nina Sayers is a fragile ballerina facing a personal crisis. Desperate for the lead role in an upcoming production of Swan Lake, she find herself trapped between three alpha personalities; her overbearing mother, the show’s demanding director, and a cocky frenemy who wants the role for herself. In the best tradition of movies about art, her solution is to destroy herself to achieve her goals. Continue reading Black Swan (2010)