Antebellum (2020)

In the Civil War era American South, a group of slaves struggle to survive on a particularly brutal plantation. It’s one run by Confederate soldiers, to produce income and supplies for the troops, and their management makes Michael Fassbender’s in ’12 Years a Slave’ look positively sunny. As well as being repeatedly beaten and sexually assaulted, these slaves are also condemned to silence. Continue reading Antebellum (2020)

La LLorona (2019)

In modern day Guatemala, the country’s former dictator faces overdue justice. Now removed from power, he is prosecuted by a human rights tribunal, accused of genocide against the country’s native Mayan population. Although he is found guilty, his conviction is quashed by the High Court; he is still protected by friends in high places. But another, much more unusual, form of retribution is on its way. Continue reading La LLorona (2019)

The Rental (2020)

Two couples take off for a weekend away. Their destination: a fancy air-b-and-b rental on a remote stretch of coast. The two guys are brothers; the elder, Charlie, married and successful, looks down on younger sibling Josh, who has been in jail and now drives part time for Lyft. Charlie also has a thing for Josh’s girlfriend, Mina. Add a bag of drugs and a hottub, and you have a recipe for trouble. Continue reading The Rental (2020)

Triangle (2009)

Jess goes day sailing with some friends, a fun jaunt that is meant to last a few hours, and give her a needed break from her autistic son. Then! The ship is caught in a sudden, vicious storm and capsized. And! The survivors are stuck clinging to their overturned vessel, in the middle of theocean. But wait! Here comes a large, old fashioned, weirdly underpopulated, passenger liner. And lurking somewhere in the corridors…. what? Continue reading Triangle (2009)

Black Christmas (2019)

At snooty Hawthorne College, a kindof mini Harvard, the elite males of Delta Kappa Omicron rule the school, taking whatever they want and facing no consequences. Sensitive Riley, a victim of DKO’s toxic behaviour, struggles to keep herself upright in the wake of an alleged sexual assault. And then: as the school closes for Christmas break, a masked killer starts picking her friends off, one by one. Continue reading Black Christmas (2019)