Triangle (2009)

Jess goes day sailing with some friends, a fun jaunt that is meant to last a few hours, and give her a needed break from her autistic son. Then! The ship is caught in a sudden, vicious storm and capsized. And! The survivors are stuck clinging to their overturned vessel, in the middle of theocean. But wait! Here comes a large, old fashioned, weirdly underpopulated, passenger liner. And lurking somewhere in the corridors…. what? Continue reading Triangle (2009)

Cul-de-Sac (1966)

In a castle on a stark, lonely island, an unhappily married couple circle each other. Their dreary routine is broken by the arrival of two strangers; a loutish pair of criminals on the the run from a job gone wrong. While the crims wait for their boss, the mysterious ‘Katelbach’, to arrive, the characters probe and snipe at each other; revealing secrets, playing psychological games, and behaving very oddly. Continue reading Cul-de-Sac (1966)

Palm Springs (2020)

Sarah is a reluctant attendee at her older sister’s wedding. She’s the family black sheep, her life is rocky, and on wedding day she wakes up in bed with someone she shouldn’t have. But as she waits for the reception to end so she can split, a diversion arrives; easy going Nyles, a fellow outcast with a good sense of humour and some funky dance moves. And, an uncanny ability to know every single thing that’s about to happen. Continue reading Palm Springs (2020)

Extra Ordinary (2019)

In small town Ireland, a lonely driving instructor tries to ignore her supernatural gifts. She sees the dead, can communicate with them, but her ‘talents’ inadvertantly lead to the death of her father, and now she wants a normal life. Then a young girl is kidnapped by a satanically inclined rockstar, and the girl’s dorky single dad needs help; time to exorcise those demons, literal and figurative. Continue reading Extra Ordinary (2019)

Kate Plays Christine (2016)

In 1974 Christine Chubbuck, a news presenter on a local Florida TV network, shot herself during the evening broadcast, committing suicide live on air. The incident was the inspiration for the classic 1976 film ‘Network’, but has mostly receded into history. In 2016 a young actress, Kate Lynn Sheil, prepares to play Chubbuck in an unusual recreation of her life and death. Continue reading Kate Plays Christine (2016)