The Tree of Life (2011)

When you think about it, it is extraordinarily unlikely that we are here. We stand at the end of a very long line of sequential events; the big bang, the formation of matter, the cooling of the universe, the creation of stars, galaxies, planets, the emergence of organic chemistry, and biology, multi-cellular organisms, intelligence, sentience. A process that took 14 billion years, that we are only just beginning to understand; from an infinite explosion, to me sitting at my laptop. Continue reading The Tree of Life (2011)

Shirley (2020)

On a stuffy university campus in 1950s America, Shirley Jackson stands out. The ‘New Yorker’ has just published a story of hers that has caused a minor sensation, and she has become something of a fringe celebrity. She is also an alcoholic, an agoraphobe and a misanthrope. An original, in other words; one who faces an ongoing battle to translate her unusual mindscape into creative expression. Continue reading Shirley (2020)